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Indonesian creators are underpaid in Indonesia. If they have 8 million views a year, they get paid $300 max from advertisement revenue. Yet, those creators grow 67% in 2021. With current technology where everybody can become creators literally with 1 single app, it’s weird that there is no monetization features. This is why Woo-Hoo is creating an integrated platform for Creators to monetize their content. From Video Call, Virtual Events and Gallery, all with payment features.

With this Creators can make a living off their content and don’t need to be an Influencer. Because Influencers who make crude brand placement in their content is playing a zero sum game. Advertisement dilute the content and repel audience. When audience leave, Brand sponsors will also leave.

While using Virtual Event, Creators can co-host live interaction up to 1 million participants and earn potentially massive income per show.