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VODA AI Inc. provides “subscription-type” and “cloud-based” AI machine vision services for manufacturers’ quality control.

Manufacturing is an essential component that has closely been related to our life. Closely looking into the manufacturing environments, their quality control processes are diversified and complicated. The manufacturers suffer from the followings: (1) There are subtle differences of manufacturing parts, (2) Inspectors need to inspect the products with eyes if the factory does not have machine vision equipment, (3) Inspectors sometimes have to re-inspect the products which were already inspected via the machine vision equipment, (4) Management of production data is essentially difficult and the existing way of management is inefficient, (5) The adoption of machine vision facility requires additional developers and time.

Those pain points can be cured by VODA AI Inc at once. Via “DataBreeze,” our service platform, manufacturers efficiently collect and manage production data in the form of a dashboard. Based on the data collected through our platform, they can use our analyzer, “Luminalyze,” if they want to analyze and inspect their products. In addition, suppose you already have your own machine vision system, and you need productivity for labeling the data. Then, you can use our tool, “LabelGround,” at which people collaborate for labeling.

VODA AI Inc. is a spinoff from Hyundai Motor Group, which is in the category of the manufacturing industry. Due to our experience, we better understand the detailed characteristics of car components and their actual needs (e.g., type of improvements, type of inspections, etc.). Eventually, our clients can enjoy VODA’s highly customized service.