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Tour Order Platform, TOP by Harvestnet SB

Our journey for Tour Order Platform, TOP UPSIZZE starts from solving the pains of our clients in Japan travel industry. We totally revamped their manual work of bookings data from end to end. TOP allows them to process optimise, digitalise and do fulfilment by linking up their customers’ bookings from multiple channels ie GTPs and OTAs; to multiple providers ie tour, transfers and ticketing.
Today, we managed over 250 travel agents to fulfil estimated 100,000+ annual bookings for Japan alone. Based on this success, we are embarking to provide better data management to ALL travel agents and destination management operators.
Our Vision is to be No.1 Travel Booking Data Management company in Asia.
Our missions
1. To provide License-free and Hassle-Free platform for our travel partners’ convenience;
2. To transform the industry with low cost structure, fast rollout and complete end to end data management;
3. To utilise bookings data for point to point autonomous driving in future.

Our plan is to kickstart from Vietnam and other SEA countries as this is a good helping hand for those who are greatly affected by pandemic. We want them to look forward with great hopes, effective fulfilment solution (solving their pains of less available staff), better data management and profitability. We will assist to promote their tour packages and affiliate products to our 2.5million followers in FB OMG Social for free.

Our goal in 5 years is to achieve 2.5million annual bookings for 10,000 destinations for inbound/outbound with 3,000 travel agents.
Our revenue model is an affordable convenient fee of 3% for each transaction and up to 8% referral commissions. We have received initial ECF funds of USD 150k to build UPSIZZE main platform. We forecast to have a profit USD3m p.a. within 5 years. Our valuation is at USD 14m in 5 years.