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Sonicboom Solutions Sdn Bhd

Sonicboom aims to provide payment solutions to businesses that will allow their clients to conduct cashless transactions in the most efficient and frictionless manner. While the landscape of frictionless payments is evolving rapidly in line with societal and technological evolution, some of the most successful payment solutions that Sonicboom has brought to the market include the License Plate Recognition solution in the parking industry and the cashless payment solution which is applicable across a wider range of industries.

The goal in both cases are to maximize efficiency and ease of use by leveraging on innovations exemplified by Sonicboom’s in-house subject matter experts. The traditional method of paying for parking is via obtaining a paper ticket at the entry point, finding an autopay machine, handling small change available on hand, undertaking a long queue, and exiting the parking site, all while ensuring that the ticket was not misplaced or lost. Sonicboom’s solution allow users to tap in with any payment card at the entry point, and pay the fare by tapping the same card when exiting. If the card is declined, users can still pay with alternative cards and exit the parking.

The benefits of adopting such solutions are numerous to business operators in this new norm; reducing paper wastage, eliminating cash pilferages, redundancy of manpower, and cloud based monitoring on performance, revenue collection, and status of equipment. Hence, Sonicboom aims to make payment efficient by encouraging the adoption of popular fintech payment services for the improvement of quality of everyday life.