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Imagine, with only your smartphone or an iPhone, business owners, brand owners, influencers and you can start selling anywhere seamlessly especially in Social Media. Turn your social media page as your online store that can collect payment. Turn your fans, followers, leads and connections into a paying customer, over & over again.

Be an influencer as well as a live streamer and start generating revenue by automating your live stream selling with us. The comment box during the live session is the space you’ll receive sales & payment directly to your bank account from your customer.

It is as easy, simple & seamless, as you’re navigating and using your smartphone. With 24 hr potential of sales conversion to your business, money starts flowing into your bank account even during sleep time.

Our Vision in 5 years time is to make sure 100K business owners, Live Streamers, Influences & brand owners generate and grow their business by leveraging our solutions. Our merchants/users will have a growth of 10X triple time faster compared to the others not leveraging our solution.

Our investors & shareholders are projected to have an ultimate return of 40-50X on our IPO target that we set at 2030.