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1. The Idea
gotEM is a decentralized platform that enables anyone to crowdsource and crowdfund global investigations, private security and humanitarian aid. Users can open a global crowdfund for any type of mission. Contributors to a mission are allowed voting rights to determine who gets selected for missions, approval of evidence, and release of funds.

2. Market
People who are going through a crisis that urgently need investigations or crowdsourced information from the source. We simplify the grueling task of hiring and paying for a private investigator(s) and gathering information from a broad range of sources. Revenues for private investigation services are projected to expand over 3% per year through 2021 to $6.4 billion.

3. Problems with the Industry
– Declining trust in mass media and social media
– Nowhere for people to congregate, contribute and gather facts from the source
– Traditional method of conducting research and investigations is slow, costly, and risky
– Investigative research and private investigations does not work for our digitally evolved and globalized society
Most people realize that the media and information we are fed is manipulated. The problem is not isolated to any industry, region or country. It is global, perpetual and growing. People and governments need a decentralized platform to gather facts.

4. Solution to solve these problems
Crowdsourced Investigations where people can rely on private investigators and individuals to collaborate in gathering information.
Affordable private security where individuals can summon and crowdfund for a team of private security anywhere in the world.
Crowdfund for missions and gather massive funding for global investigations to large scale private security issues.

5. Who are we?
We are a team of individuals extremely passionate about creating transparency in the world. To achieve this vision, we have built a Open Source Information (OSINT) platform that allows individuals anywhere in the world to crowdsource for investigations and humanitarian missions. We’ve simplified the process by creating a centralized platform for individuals to collaborate, raise funds, and execute missions seamlessly through a few clicks using their mobile devices.

6. Current Status
Our Beta version is now live for people to upload missions and contribute and take part in crowdfunded investigations.