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Are you a parent of a child with ADHD? Or are you concerned that your child may have ADHD? If so, you may want to take a moment to listen to us. If you are neither, we still want you to hang on because we have something for you too.

At eMotiv, we are creating digital therapeutics for children with ADHD. According to one estimate, approximately 7.2 percent of children around the world are diagnosed with ADHD. Considering many children who pass under the radar, the actual number is probably higher. Despite the prevalence of the disorder, its treatment is often not as effective as it should be. Due to high costs and long processes of diagnosis and treatment, many families of ADHD children are not receiving proper help.

That is why we started to look for an easier and cheaper way to deal with the problem. After periods of contemplation, we created our first game, StarRuckus. StarRuckus is a digital game that can be played on smartphones and tablets. It takes place in a mysterious universe where various episodes unfold for children to follow. Children playing our game will accompany Rudy, our main hero, in his journey to save the world. In the process, they effortlessly engage in diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of ADHD.

Our main service consists of two parts: screening and enhancement. Screening part of our game checks for children’s likelihood of having ADHD. Cognitive tests used by clinicians and researchers are included in the game. A machine learning system will integrate the collected data and provide a probabilistic prediction of ADHD. Cognitive enhancement (aka. treatment) part will provide training activities so that children’s cognitive abilities will be improved after completing multiple sessions of the game.

The range of our service is not limited to families suffering from ADHD. Our game can be played by typically developing children as well. With our general cognitive assessment games and casual enhancement games, children without ADHD can receive digital assessment of their cognitive abilities and engage in casual, non-prescribed enhancement procedures of our games.

The Compound annual growth rate of the digital healthcare field is 30%, indicating that it is a rapidly growing market. eMotiv is growing along with it. Increasing use of mobile devices around the world and growing concerns about children’s mental healthcare provide a perfect setting for us to pursue global expansion. We are especially interested in the Vietnamese market for two reasons. First, the smartphone usage rate, the soil in which our products can be planted, is very high in Vietnam. Second, despite the prevalence of childhood ADHD, the medical infrastructure has not yet caught up with the concern.

In terms of business, our services for typically developing children will mostly be provided for free. Services for ADHD children will be charged. Screening services will be provided on a pay-per-use basis whereas treatment services will be provided on a subscription basis.

Our team consists of experts from various fields such as neuroscience, developmental psychology, cognitive engineering, game development, and so on. Jung Sang Min, our CEO, has worked for 10 years at Hyundai Motors research center and possesses unparalleled expertise in cognitive engineering and modeling. The diversity of our members enabled us to accomplish in-house production of StarRuckus. In addition to our amazing team, we are also receiving consultation from medical experts in Korea so that our games will have a sound clinical foundation to stand on.

Our long-term vision is to provide digital remedy not only to children with ADHD but also to those suffering with other mental conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Dementia.