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Coconut Silo

Currently, 76% of the globe is facing logistics problems. In particular, although Southeast Asian countries are on the rise, it seems that the logistics market in these areas is in issues with inefficiencies. According to a report by the Vietnam Investment Website (2021), Vietnam’s logistics cost/GDP is 20%, which is high compared to other countries in the region in 2020.

That is the reason why Coconut Silo is here!

About Coconut Silo
Coconut Silo is a Hyundai Motor Group spin-off startup company that specializes in AI deep technology. Our product – the ‘COCOTRUCK digital platform,’ connects all types of players in the logistics market, enabling the users to move their goods easier and faster. We are available in COCOTRUCK Shipper, COCOTRUCK Carrier and COCOTRUCK Driver. Our purpose is to optimize the logistics value chain for a wide range of businesses via a SaaS ecosystem.

Over 1200 orders are completed each month by not just Vietnamese but also foreign logistics firms at a CAGR of 250% for the forecast of 2022-2025, Coconut Silo expected to provide services to 75 – 100 businesses annually through COCOTRUCK solutions in the next 03 years. We also expect an increase in brand identity throughout the southern provinces and cities of Vietnam.

To race with market demand, our big picture is aiming to expand globally across ASEAN and Mercosur countries.

A. COCOTRUCK USP – Key differentiation:
1. Easy transport
– Deliver cargo without owing trucks
– Take actions during transportation
– Track your cargo anytime, anywhere

2. Big data features
– Smart consolidation system
– “Matchback” algorithm
– Efficiency management system

B. COCOTRUCK benefits:
1. Environmental benefits
– Reduce CO2 emissions
– Automatic route optimization

2. User benefits
– COCOTRUCK Shipper:
+ Optimize cargo moving
+ Various price and logistics service options

– COCOTRUCK Carrier:
+ Real-time tracking vehicle
+ Optimizing freight process

+ Logical system of specified orders
+ E-paper signing convenience.

C. Business model
Starting from “Freemium plan” with “Logistics service/consulting” and “Platform usage margin.”

D. Financial status
With the investment of $300K in 2020. It is projected to increase from $2.5M in 2022 to $5M in 2023.

F. Our Team
1. CEO: Seungyong Kim
2. CMO: Kangyeop Ahn
3. COO: Tony Han
4. CTO: Sungil Kwon

And +30 members:
■ Management: +10 members
■ Global business: +10 members
■ Research & Development: +15 members

G. Our partners
■ Hyundai
■ Daimler
■ Mercedes Benz
■ Fujitsu
■ Avancargo

H. Our history
■ 04/18: Selected as in-house startup of Hyundai Motor Group
■ 03/20: Established Coconut Silo
■ 06/20: Spun-off from Hyundai Motor Group
■ 08/20: Internal R&D Center establishment
■ 12/20: Established US, China, Vietnam, India branches

I. Our awards
2020: Prestigious awards from the Korean Ministry
– Venture company verification
– Commendation from Korean Minister of SMEs and Startups
– Awarded by Korean Ministry of Science and ICT
– Awarded by Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups
– Platinum Award winner of Korean-ASEAN Startup Week

2021: Continue to gain more awards from the Korean Ministry and move to be a winner of global competitions
– Commendation from Korean Minister of Science and ICT
– Award by Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
– Awarded by Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
– XTC Korea-ASEAN Region Finalist
– Grand Winner of Seoul Metropolitan City Stage Eureka
– Selected as LATAM JV Expansion program by IDB Lab
– Selected for Plug and Play Japan Mobility Batch
– Edison Awards 2021 Tracking/Logistics Bronze Award
– Geneva International Invention Convention Gold Medal
– Selected as Hi-Seoul Corporates

2022: Out of approximately 11,000 entries from 57 countries, the company’s design was successfully chosen as the main conqueror
– Award by iF DESIGN AWARD 2022

For further inquiries, please contact us via:
– Website:
– Email: [email protected]
– LinkedIn: