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“Big Bang” creates millions of galaxies. “Big Bang” in the data economy has just begun.

[Bridging The Gap Between Credit Demand & Supply]
– Data Economy (Borrowers): New and high-growth businesses such as e-commerce sellers or EV fleet operators need adequate capital to grow and scale, but they fail to secure financing from banks due to unidentified risks and a lack of historical references
– Bank (Lenders): They seek to access new markets with high upside potential for growth, yet many banks lack the technology and/or human capital to initiate internally, fail to understand the context of new data and design products that cater to their risk appetites

[CreditConnect : AI Banking-as-a-Service(BaaS)]
Our CreditConnect AI credit platform helps businesses or platforms get the capital they need to scale at just the right time while providing bank partners with a practical and agile way to diversify their loan portfolios in new markets with no heavy upfront costs

CreditConnect E-commerce
– Fast and affordable financing for online sellers based on end-to-end supply chain data such as purchasing, inventory, fulfillment, sales, and returns

CreditConnect BEV(Battery Electric Vehicle)
– Collateralizing real-time battery data to offer capital to BEVs based on ML-based residual value predictions

[Deep AI Technology in Finance]
For the last five years, we have built strong AI technologies in the financial services industry:
– Proprietary AutoML platform ‘ABACUS’ designed to easily build, monitor, and update thousands of AI models, and automate the core decision-making processes in every phase of the credit cycle
– Memory-optimized, massive-scale data processing technology (MAS Fintech Award ‘Global’ 2nd)
– Self-supervised reinforcement learning with credit autopilot system (MAS Global Veritas Challenge Top 10 – AI Fairness)
– Proven AI business applications in banking, retail payment and insurance including loan underwriting, credit scoring, compliance (AML/FDS) and actuarial modeling
– Strong management team with expertise in the fields of AI, retail banking, auto finance, risk management and capital markets
– 80+ domestic and overseas patents registered and filed on AI and data-driven financing methodologies and frameworks for different verticals

[CreditConnect Regional & Vertical Expansion]
Based on strong track records in Finance, we are expanding our CreditConnect platform both geographically and vertically:

CreditConnect E-commerce – Korea
– Access to multi-dimensional, real-time data of online sellers from our e-commerce cash management platform connected to 48+ online malls
– U$310M of loan transaction volume in 2022 1H (up 57% from U$198M in 2021 2H)
– Monthly GMV of U$1.24B in 2022 1H (annual GMV of U$2.3B in 2021)
– 7,400+ online sellers

Regional Expansion – Vietnam & Indonesia
– Launched CreditConnect with 17 data economy platforms since 2021
– Secured partnerships with 100+ data economy partners including e-wallet, online – pharmaceutical marketplace and food delivery platform, as well as local bank partners

CreditConnect BEV(Battery Electric Vehicle) – Korea
– U$8M of loan transaction volume in 2022
– Financing provided to 50+ electric buses in 2022 1H, currently expanding to nationwide buses

[Business Model]
Our business model is standardized and highly scalable, and the level of customization depends on the business nature in alliances with locally-compliant partners:
i) Technology license fees from banking partners as a portion of the loan transaction amount
ii) AI platform fees from data economy platforms

Strong Network of Networks – Our platform benefits from a powerful flywheel effect that drives continuous improvements as our business scales. More data economy partners (borrowers) on our platform attract more banking partners (lenders) seeking to grow their portfolios. This brings greater transaction volume and data, a key to a more sophisticated AI credit decisioning engine. More affordable financing options available to borrowers lock in existing customers and drag in new ones.