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AISoftBox Sdn Bhd

Paper receipts cause silent environmental havoc.

Deceitfully innocent looking paper receipts contribute to a significant amount of trees cut every year. It breaks a heart to see a 20c candy bought at a retail store generates a 30cm or longer paper receipt. Do we simply ignore the paper receipts?

We are reasonably sure that all your shopping receipts this year have been discarded, but if you need them, as in really need them, you can find them in the nearest landfill. No, seriously!

It takes 12 trees to make 1 ton of unrecycled paper and most receipts are non-recyclable. Every year, in the UK, consumers dispose of 7300 tons of receipts in the bin that’s 87000 trees to supply receipts paper in the UK alone.

In the USA, this number stands at 10 million Trees a year. You may hear people say these trees are grown for paper purposefully, but these plantations replace forests as there is commercial value and demand for paper. Let’s not cheat ourselves anymore. We need to start acting now rather than finding reasons not to.

Consumers, on average, come in contact with receipts at least 12 times in a week according to a recent study. Most of these receipts are coated with Toxic BPA and other chemicals to get the print to stay on the paper. The health impacts of these toxins range from causing diabetes, thyroid to fetal development issues in pregnant women.

Climate Actions & Legislations.
A lot of countries have banned toxins on paper receipts but many still allow toxic receipt rolls. Several countries have made providing receipt mandatory which makes it inevitable but not unbeatable.

Let’s join together to beat toxic landfilling paper receipts!

Big Data Analytics (SKU+KYC Demographic)

Other than going green, AISoftBox is able to help merchants to understand who their customers are. AISoftbox seamless plug&play QR e receipt printer is able to capture the SKU on the ePOS generated receipts together with KYC of customers who scan on the QR code. We will compile with all the Big Data and generate an informative report to our merchants. With these reports, they will understand more about who their potential customers are without spending a huge budget for the market research that they did before this.

Free Loyalty App

AISoftBox came with our own Loyalty App for every merchant on board. One of our key features on this loyalty app is we are able to provide discounts or redemption on selected SKU which cannot be easily done by other loyalty apps in the market. With this loyalty app, we aim to bring more customers and sales to our merchants who are on board with our AISoftBox all in one solution.

What makes AISoftBox Special?

There are no competitors in the world that are able to provide a similar solution because no one is able to integrate with all types of ePOS systems in the market. AISoftBox is the only solution provider who is able to capture SKU and KYC of customers in the whole market with our self-invented seamless plug&play QR e-Receipt printer(patent pending).

AISoftBox is going to replace all the paper printing printers on earth and put a stop on paper wastages.