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Pewarisan Sdn. Bhd. [Pte. Ltd.]

Pewarisan started as a service provider to provide a digital solution to simplify the process of creating a syariah compliant Will that caters for the strict requirement of the Islamic law.

The application is now been offered for users in Malaysia, where majority of the population are Muslims. It’s Syariah compliant algorithm that has also been embedded in a partner’s application in Nigeria where half of the population are Muslim.

A Will represents your responsibility to your loved ones, ensuring that your estate will be fairly distributed and according to your wishes.

If you die without leaving a valid Will (‘intestate’), your estate may not be distributed to your intended beneficiaries.

Your estate encompasses assets such as immoveable properties (houses, buildings) and moveable assets (cars, shares, investments etc).

If you die with a Will (‘testate’), the appointed Executor will have the power to distribute your assets as per your last Will and Testament.

The Pewarisan apps, simplifies the process of creating a will that is legally binding and helps the users explore their own self wealth value by asking relevant questions and a series of checklist. Base on the information gathered it can offer additional services such as insurance coverage or charity contribution.

These open the opportunity for collaboration with service providers in other areas such as insurance and wealth management.

Pewarisan had been primarily focused in the Islamic will, the Wassiyah. For the Startup Wheel, Pewarisan will debut its non-Islamic Will System.