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Hokob Holdings Sdn Bhd

The inadequate and inaccessible quality of raw ingredients, fresh natural food and organic produce in the local market has driven the founder of Everleaf, Clarence to take things into his own hands.

What drives him most was the real-life stories shared by friends and relatives around him that were suffering from critical illnesses caused by long-term poor dietary intake. With his new-found determination to find a solution to the dire issue at hand, he started searching for local solutions in grocery stores, restaurants and online sites as well.

Caught by surprise, he found that there were not many available options with a consistent supply of transparent food produce and ingredients from responsible local farms. This propelled him to embark on a journey to seek out responsible organic and natural local farms (hidden gems) which produce quality raw food.

During this span of 3-years discovery phase, he observed that many local farms do not have the capability and resources to sell their fresh produce to consumers due to geographical constraints. Hence, the mission to bridge this gap within the supply chain through online marketplace and fulfillment infrastructure.

To have a strong food security, traceability is not the final goal, transparency is the ultimate goal.