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FollowTrade Pte. Ltd.

Let’s meet Dina, Raymus and Kenneth. Dina, Raymus and Kenneth could be family members or a group of friends. Dina is a trade newbie who is motivated by the positive gains in stocks and crypto that her friends have made recently. But she is overwhelmed by information overload. Dina desires to learn from a credible mentor. Raymus is a retail trader and a student who spends much time learning how to trade. But his trade performance results does not mirror his learning efforts. Raymus desires to optimize returns with less time and effort. Kenneth is a star trader who is proficient in market analysis. He contributes regular insights and trade advice to friends and family. Kenneth desires to monetize his expertise and the trade advice that he provides.

FollowTrade is a social trading app that allows families and friends to share and follow each other’s investment journey easily. New traders can learn trading through our community sharing and virtual currency features, while existing traders can potentially increase their profits by either copying the trades of Star Traders or becoming Star Traders themselves.

So why us? Our team has deep expertise in finance, AI & Bot trading, we have no direct competitor in SEA, and we operate in a large and growing market.

Our team of 5 collectively has 60 years of finance experience and 30 years in managing fintech startups. Professor Roy, our CEO & founder, has more than 20 years of global investment banking experience with Salomon Smith Barney, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and JPMorgan. He also provides corporate governance stability as he was a former at Vingroup JSC and is currently serving as an independent director at VinFast. Dr. Wee Lit, our CTO & co-founder, has a PhD in computer engineering and deep expertise in Artificial intelligence and Bot trading. FollowTrade has been awarded the MAS fintech grant and is a certified fintech by the Singapore Fintech Association.

We are located at the intersection of eBroker and social communities. There are ~12 SEA stock and crypto eBrokers such as UOB Kay Hian and Gemini, and numerous community forums such as InvestingNote, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. We have many adjacent competitors, but eToro is our only direct competitor globally.

Many people are often confused by the difference between copy trading and social trading. Copy trading targets users who know how to trade and provides users with technical tools and charts to generate Alpha. Most copy trading players like ZuluTrade and Naga Trader focus on FX and CFDs. Social trading on the other hand, targets those who fear trading due to complexity and provides an interactive and engaging community to make trading simple and fun to generate trust. FollowTrade is currently focused only on SEA listed stocks and crypto, but we intend to expand our product offering to match eToro’s diversified asset base in the future. We differentiate ourselves from eToro by targeting families and friends in Asia to bring the trust factor onto our platform, and we use both humans and bots as our star traders.

Thank you and we invite you to join the FollowTrade investment journey.