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The Tee Point

The Tee Point’s story started back in 2021 during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, when our artist and designer friends were struggling to generate a stable income through their art and skills.

The pandemic boosted us to find a solution to this problem and we took a decision to create a platform that would help solve the problem of millions of artists, who were striving to sell even a single piece of their artwork.

We started our company in India; where each state, city or village have a unique, diverse and rich art-culture and history.
But, when we look at sales report of this rich art-culture, we see that the sales percentage is quite low.

Apart from this, there is a huge un-organized local art industry which remains miles away from the art shows, art galleries and auction houses, with no connections or knowledge on how to approach them.

How would this rich inaccessible art sector would reach its target audience?
The answer to this is- The Tee Point.

With this motive we started our venture and introduced our product range of art-infused merchandise.
Penetrating a wider range of audience throughout the globe, who can buy a brilliant piece artwork available on multiple product ranges, providing them a value-added art- infused products which could be included into their daily lifestyle; and also providing artists a platform to generate a recurring source of income coming through a single piece of their art-work.

With a social message,
“Every purchase pays an artist”, we are inspiring customers all around the globe to appreciate and recognize art, by bringing art-infused products into their lifestyles-thus bridging the gap between the artists and audience through art.