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In 2018, I returned to my hometown and started to fulfill my “dream” while most of my relatives did not support me (because at that time I was married and had a job with a good income at Viettel Military Telecommunications Group – Ho Chi Minh City).

“Returning”, I started to renovate 5 hectares of garden land; did reasearch, selected seedlings and began cultivation with the goal of building an organic noni garden. At the same time, I did some studies on the family’s traditional recipe for noni juice production, and combines new production techniques to produce a delicious and quality noni juice products. All these works were implemented when SK NONI registered as a business household producing noni juice simply with the goal of creating a product to help increase the value of local noni fruit to serve reltive, friends and and acquaintances.

In 2020, after a period of testing, improving and finalizing noni juice products; At the same time the product has begun to be accepted by the market, SK NONI has transformed from a household business model to a company to enter the expansion and development phase with three “key” members including me- Khuu Van Chuong is responsible for production and operation and two other members including Van Kim Loan and Nguyen Van Ty – in charge of sales, marketing and communication with the mission of “Bringing products helping to protect and enhance the people health”.


DescriptionNoni juice made from ripen noni fruits
Nutritional Ingredients Noni fruit has more than 150* common active ingredients; Some of the active ingredients that can be named are:Anthraquinone, Beta- Carotene, Beta- Sitosterol, Sterols, ProteinCalcium, Linoleic Acid, Magnesium, Pectin, Potassium, Proline, Proxeronine, Proxeroninease, Scopoletin, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Ursolic Acid, B group Vitamines, Vitamine C, Proanthocyanadins, Anthocyanadins(Resource:
Product Uses Protecting and enhancing people health.Supporting pain treatment, help to sleep well.Prevention of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, diabetes.
Production Scale EstimationProduction scale is 15,000 liters per month with 3 product lines: pure natural noni juice, premium organic noni juice, honey mixed noni juice matching different customer group and supply to domestic and foreign markets.

Foundation & Development

With the philosophy of “DREAM BIG and START SAFE”. After three years of operation, our company – SK NONI has successfully planned a separate planting garden (5 hectares) that meets the national organic standards TCVN 11041-2:2017 and international – The IFOAM NORM. We develop a closed model from production to commercialization of products to create quality products from the source, keeping the nutrients intact when reaching consumers. Our production philosophy is to respect the natural development of plants, absolutely NO chemical fertilizers, NO herbicides and pesticides. The production process & modern factory meeting HACCP standards combine with the traditional recipe to create a variety of products from 100% pure noni fruit which is good for health, guaranteed for quality and nutrients.


SK NONI certifications achieved

In parallel with the improvement of raw material areas and production facilities, SK NONI actively participates in promotion and advertising activities at trade promotions and fairs in order to seek opportunities for cooperation as well as introduce products to consumers.

Some promotional activities & trade promotion

We “dare to think”, one day SK NONI brand will go beyond the border of Vietnam to conquer fastidious consumers in Japan, Korea, USA and Middle East countries. One day, SK NONI will make noni fruit a famous speciality of Dat Mui region to reach the international level, helping people get rich in their own land.