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Ngoc Giau business household was established in 2019, specializing in providing food processed from shrimp. Currently, we develop and focus on 04 main product categories: dried shrimp, dried shrimp scrub, roasted shrimp and shrimp paste.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic caused Vietnamese people to tighten their spending. Instead, they increase shopping and stockpile essential foods at home during the period of social distancing, thanks to which the Food – Beverage industry grows positively. According to market research firm NPD Group, consumers want to spend time eating at home because during the epidemic season people work from home, comfortable accommodation and away from noisy public places in parallel with rapid development. speed of delivery apps. For those who want to cook but also want convenience, ready-to-eat or pre-prepared foods are popular.

Therefore, we can see that the processed food industry in our country is developing, ready-made products are gradually becoming a trend but processed products from shrimp are still limited. Therefore, shrimp products have great potential for development in both domestic and foreign markets. For these reasons, Ngoc Giau business household wishes to develop the product “Roasted Shrimp” to serve domestic consumption demand and seek export opportunities to potential markets.

In addition, fried shrimp is a traditional dish in Vietnamese families and has many ways of processing. Our “Roasted Shrimp” product is processed in the style of “Sweet and Salty Roasted Shrimp” to suit the taste of many people. With the raw material is local shrimp, combined with spices into ready-to-eat dishes with the typical flavor of Dam Doi’s hometown. Products are made to ensure food hygiene and safety and keep freshness.