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About us

About Project

  1. Potential Customers
  • B2B
    • Cosmetic brands.
  • B2C
    • Users/ Consumers.
  1. Problems
  • Cosmetic brands:
    • Users do not know about them and their product.
    • Product reliability is low.
    • Marketing budget is not enough.
    • Selling opportunities is low.
  • Users/ Consumers:
    • Fear of choosing products that are not suitable for their skin.
    • Wasting money.
    • Skin condition gets worse.
    • Buying expensive products
    • Non-genuine product
  1. Our Solution
  • Cosmetic brands:
    • G’day Sharing campaign:
  • G’day Sharing supports brands to connect to KOC/KOL and manage their marketing campaign easily.
  • Therefore, promoting accessibility to users and improving selling opportunities as well.
  • Benefits of G’day Sharing campaign:
  • Creating advertising data sources. 
  • Reduce marketing cost.
  • Increasing reliability.
  • Promoting multi-channel display.
  • Users/ Consumers:
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Social commerce apps
  • Affiliate
  1. Core technology
  • Our purpose is a long-term solution; 
  • By developing Big data technology to upgrade our AI, Machine Learning and Deep learning which can help systems work automatically and intelligently in the near future.