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Dtonic Corporation

Dtonic, a leader in Spatio-temporal big data processing technologies, joined hands with one of the top ESL hardware and system providers in the world SOLUM to provide a revolutionary innovative product for smart retailers, warehousing, and factories; it is the D.Eview solution. While Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) are mainly information display solutions, with the combination of big data technologies Dtonic provides, D.Eview creates a new additional data value from the ESL tags such as optimization product locations, real-time tracking stock in/output, and even to be used for marketing campaigns for specific products and run analysis. With D.Eview, ESL is not a mere information display device anymore; combined with Dtonic’s big data system, it is now being seen in a new light by many key players in the smart retail, warehouse, and factory industries as an essential investment to make.