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Because of COVID and changing social norms, campus recruiting on GenZ has become more and more challenging. According to our survey, 78% employers receive fewer applications owing to failure to adjust in post-covid era.

Also 93% employers believe that surface level metrics like GPA and universities are inefficient to judge candidates.

And most importantly, a wrong hire is going to cost then $900k per candidate per year.

In view of this, we are helping MNCs to do
Global Talent Sourcing,
Employer Branding,
Dynamic Assessment

All with virtual simulation.

In virtual simulation, we turn tasks that are typically faced by entry level employee into a project-based experience, where candidates can have a taste of what’s like working for the company.

The first benefit we offer to our corporate clients is Global Talent Sourcing with Diversity.

In AlphaSights VE, we successfully attracted candidates from different regions including HK, US, UK and more, from various majors including STEM and even liberal arts. Most importantly, 73% participants applied to ASights’ program right after completing the VE.

So we are a powerful tool for MNCs to recruit talents internationally without borders.

The second benefit we offer is employer branding. Using Kinetix, a IT consulting firm listed on HKEX, as an example, candidates developed 94% better understanding and developed favourable view towards the company after completion and involve with the employer brand for 3 hours on average, even in the age of tick-too.

Our program has given them 166k impressions within our candidate pool and not surprisingly, they have 2x their application numbers and our candidates represented 81% of their final round candidates and 60% of their new hires.

Third benefit we offer is dynamic assessment. Through simulation, employers can form a better understanding on the candidate’s on the job performance and thus are able to make more accurate assessment to their abilities.

In DHL recent Management Trainee Program, 100% of their hire come from us. And DHL has used 20+ performance indicators inside the simulation including timeliness of candidate’s response, accuracy of the answers, during the interview.

And they have estimated that this process has saved them 200+ hours when using the VE as preliminary screening mechanism.


Besides having corporate client satisfaction, the candidates also love our product. 90% rated our programs 8+ out of 10 and actively referred to friends and posted on LinkedIn.