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The group of raising & producing and trading Cordyceps Ca Mau has 3 members. I am Vo Thanh Quang – team leader, members Nguyen Thi Hoai Huong, Vo Phuoc Nguyen – in charge of sales, marketing and communication.

After 2 years of establishment, the group has 2 leading products that are in business: Dried Echinacea Mushrooms by sublimation drying technology and “Tu Tam An” Ethnossum alcohol, which is traditionally distilled from Tan Loc sticky rice wine through toxin treatment. and extracted from technology to accelerate wine aging.

Concerns – thoughts that urge our team to do to promote research and application of local materials for production and business in the face of the reality that people are facing environmental pollution factors: Gas industrial waste, heavy metals in soil and air; foods, foodstuffs, essential goods with residues of chemicals, preservatives, growth drugs… the prolonged COVID epidemic resulted in damage to people and property that myself and my family also had to deal with. face. This is the core reason, giving our team more motivation to complete the idea of ​​​​building a research project on breeding and producing and trading this precious medicinal mushroom as well as other herbs.

Based on the nature of Cordyceps, the Group has boldly replaced the basic source of nutrients with local materials. Melaleuca forest bee pupae, organic rice Hoa Sua U Minh in Ca Mau is easy to manage and monitor quality. They meet the requirements of traceability, and help manage the risk of supply chain disruption when the market fluctuates.

It is expected that in the next week our group will continue to harvest more than 40kgs of fresh mushrooms, cooperate with Melaleuca forest owners to purchase raw materials of natural forest honey to bring to the market a new product line of natural ecosystem Cordyceps soaked with honey bee. In early October, continue with the Combo Cordyceps product line with a number of packaged dried sublimated edible mushrooms. It is expected that in the first quarter of 2023, the group will associate a partner company in Ca Mau to promote cooperation in the production of the next product line from indigenous herbal plants on Ca Mau mangroves (Oro trees) with Cordyceps as tablets and extracting liquid encapsulation…

The outstanding features, making the difference of the product are bred and produced entirely from abundant and local raw materials of the homeland of Ca Mau such as: Bee pupae, Melaleuca forest honey, Hoa Sua organic rice…

Products tested and analyzed all meet and exceed the criteria under the accreditation scope of (ISO/IEC). In which, there are 2 boxes of important substances that exceed the threshold prescribed by the functional sector: Cordycepin 57.76 mg/kg; Adenosine 45.7 mg/kg along with a variety of amino acids and other vitamins and trace minerals.

With the idea, enthusiasm, passion for research and creativity, we continue to consistently realize the value of products that are not only different products in terms of nutritional content, properties, taste, but also value. That spirit and emotion is the love of the land – the humanity of the homeland of Ca Mau through the faint aroma of organic rice, milk flowers and the melaleuca forest bee pupae are blended – warmed by Tan Loc sticky rice yeast, containing drops of sweat. sweat, our brains and the people of our homeland together create products.

Address: 1/45 Ly Bon, Hamlet 2, Ward 4, Ca Mau City

Team Leader Vo Thanh Quang, contact phone: 0913 616 598