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1. Bizzi’s mission

Established in Sep 2019, Bizzi’s mission is to apply automation technology to enhance productivity and reduce costs for accounting and finance operations.

We look forward to being a brilliant “side-kick” for accountants in the digital transformation process, simplifying and reducing the workload performed by accountants.

2. Bizzi’s success story

Bizzi is a Vietnamese startup with a mission to simplify and digitize the financial activities of small and medium businesses. The company was founded by CEO Nghia Vu and CTO Nguyen Nguyen. Both founders are experienced people in global corporations such as Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, Rocket Internet, etc.

Throughout our journey, Bizzi has proudly been backed by prominent investors after rounds of interviews and years of effort. Our investors include Money Forward from Japan, Do Ventures from Vietnam, 500 Startups from USA, and Qualdro from Singapore. In other words, we have successfully raised $3M+ in seed and pre-series A funding from global and regional VCs and strategic investors.

3. The spend management simplified solution for business

3.1/ Invoice processing automation & 3-way matching

Using RPA (Robotic Processing Automation), Machine Learning and AI to assist accountants’ daily workload, check validity, input invoice data instead of manual processing.

The benefits that IPA bring includes:

  • 80% less time at only 10% cost compared to manual handling
  • Support automatic data entry into accounting software or ERP
  • 3-way reconciliation between invoices, purchase orders and receipts
  • Store and manage invoices easily and securely
  • Digitize paper invoice

As a pioneer in this technology solution, Bizzi has been trusted by more than 1000 businesses, some typical customers such as: P&G, GS25, Pharmacity, Guardian, Kohnan, etc.

3.2/ Spend management simplified – Bizzi Expense

Reduce 80% of time and 50% of processing, checking, reconciliation and data entry costs related to spend management, including:

  • Effective management: Control and manage expenses easily in real time.
  • Cost saving: The costs of human resources and materials will be minimized.
  • Automatically: Minimizing the time to gather documents and make payment requests.